June 22, 2011

Greetings Family!

Greetings Family,

It gives me immense pleasure to see TWL back in action.Pleased to see the overwhelming responses from few of the members. TWL has always been a place where you can write and share your work. I request new members not to use TWL as a storage repository for all your posts.This place has been associated with lots of good things. Different contests,themes etc have made this place more active during the good old days. Somehow I still feel that this is not the old TWL anymore. I want new comers to know that Lounge has special memories associated with everyone here. It is not like that you post some 5 posts in 2 days and disappear and come back after 5 months.Trust me this is not funny. Use TWL as a place where you could learn new things,share and get to know others and something which makes them stand out. I see some people posting old stuffs from their blogs and trasferring them here.

Ever thought what TWL was like,then I would advice you to check the archieves of 2009.That period was the best and glorious days of Lounge .Check 'Rain Drenched Lounge','Inspirational Poetry Conest' and 'LoL@Lounge' and you will know how close we were.This place has always seen some good quality work and no doubt people here are uber talented. Trust me you all are talented.This is a call to all those old members. New members try to know people here and help TWL in making a better place.



  1. TWL needs old members now...they have to come and show new members
    what this place is for....

  2. Well said bro...hope everyone read this and understands.

  3. :')

    TWL makes me feel so nostalgic.

    I love our blog <3


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