May 1, 2011

How it started

Have you ever fallen in love with your best friend?
I think I have.

It started when we were eight, sitting next to each other in class.

I let him copy my homework, and he borrowed me his crayons, then we shared chocolate cookies during recess. The other kids at our table got jealous 'cause we won't give them the cookies and teased us. The naughtier ones even tried to steal my cookies and made me cry.

And so, the next day, he drew on their books to show them who's boss.

That was how it all started, a little girl fell in love with a little boy...


  1. awh. thats how always it starts :)

  2. aww sooo cute!! really very sweet innocent love :)

  3. Thank you.. :)
    It feels good sharing stuff here, stuff that I can never tell him in person. :)


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