November 14, 2010

Freedom skies..

Is it time already?
To realize that there is a pain that does not hurt.
Is this the end of the line?
One step ahead is an eternity of freedom.

Blurry morning with rain drops pouring,
My window fogs up clearing my mind.
The strangest feeling in the world pleads to bind,
To engulf me and protect me.

Every breath of air screams of freedom,
You made a spot and wondered about it a lot.
Every screech of the wind carves a fresh gash,
Every move I make seems unconscious,
But you know you‘re not dreaming.

You wake up to the gloom,
And yet it seems to bloom.
You wake up the dullness,
Yet it so bright.
You wake up to forget the night,
Yet the deception feels so right.

This is for all those people who re at the point in their lives where nothing seems right, But nothings seems wrong either. Its just vast land of freedom to roam around.


  1. Well Written Dear ;)

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  2. Wow this was really nice...and i could totally connect to it...thnx :)

  3. You got me worrying that you were suicidal at the first stanza, actually...

    But I read on, and was relieved you weren't. :)

    Good one, Rashmi. :D


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