September 19, 2010

best moments

Sometimes I wish I could trap these particular moments that I might wish to go back to and replay. Moments you can't describe in words, moments that bring you crazy joy, moments unforgettable, moments you wish could stay forever in.
Here are some of them......

1) a favourite song comes on while listening to the radio, while you are driving by yourself.. ( and if you want me girl, I will be your man.. and if you want me girl..I will be here forever)
2) long drive while its raining
3) waking up realizing you slept for 14 hours and seeing numerous missed calls and msgs on your phone..
4) thinking of a friend and receiving the funniest msg of the world from them
5) Eating truffle chocolate cake from second cup
6) walking 6 km in the middle of the night with friends
7) watching your friends get the jobs they've been wanting forever.
8) watching 3 idiots with friends mom and laughing like crazy (especially when her friends brother is acting in the movie)
9) talking about driving test failure stories with friends..
10) going to empty dance parties and end up doing bhangra
11) crying with friends and laughing at the same time
12) how a rabbit scares a person in the middle of the night
13) talking in your sleep and fighting..
14) eating pani puri and watching we are family with your family.. (never watch tht movie..what a disaster)
15) embarassing photo shoot at bday party.(always make sure what you are wearing..before getting pictures clicked with flash)
16) hearing english version of O saathi re...and jumping with joy saying " i know this songgg"
17) experiencing intense drama and laughing it off with your friends..
18) watching random tv shows all night.
19)feeling butterflies when your crush holds your hand.
20) perfect moments while ball dancing

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