August 17, 2010

You're a Friend

I want you to know this. And I want you to know it well.

I'm here.
I know I probably can't do much to help sometimes, but I'm here.
If you need somebody, just ask.

Nothing to be scared of, okay?
No need to hold everything in, no need to pretend to be strong.
We're just humans anyways.
It's okay to want to break down.

'Cause I'm here.
And if you let me, I'll hold your hand.

Who cares if you're a guy?
You're a friend. :)


  1. True Nic ..Friendship is the loveliest bond , free of any bondage :) And it hardly matters whether ist with a guy or girl as far as the element of fun and sharing is present ! :)

  2. Yeap, it is indeed one of the most precious gifts we have to offer! :)


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