August 11, 2010

When you left.

You were the shining moon of my lonely night
My protective armor when day light was bright
Now, my companion is only piercing solitude
And the sun and the darkness just bring me fright.

Colours in the rainbow have faded away
Beautiful flowers are now in shades of grey
You took the beauty and joy of nature along
Even the waves in the sea lay still today

Ears refuse to hear that you won’t be back
Lips don’t murmur the words where u lack
Eyes don’t weep in the hope you might return
My bleeding heart beats too as I hold the crack.

I know time shall pass and memories erased
But your wonderful presence will always be chased
Never ever in this world would you be replaced.
In the highest heart position your love I’ve placed.

This is for all of you who have loved and lost either through fights, break ups or deaths. No use fighting destiny. The only important thing you need to know is that time heals every wound big or small. And if you have lost someone, remember them in a way that will help you to live better and not die quicker. Temporary moaning is natural but make something constructive out of that loss. Show the world how much that person meant to you and how much you are willing to live more to compensate for their loss.


  1. hmm... Recently went thru a break-up so probably i cn understnd .. i do believe, however, tht if smone walks out frm ur life, they werent emant to be there in first place..

    Good write-up .......

  2. That was a beautiful poem butterfly :) Exact frame of words when we part with our most beloved .. I loved the line :
    My bleeding heart beats too as I hold the crack.
    And the message at the end just sparks positive thoughts :)

  3. if you constantly think that u have to live to 'compensate a loss'.. i dont think thats living at all. Dont tell me u r one of those goody-goody morons who think that its their fault even if the other person was LOGICALLY wrong. If someone aint in ur life coz of break-up, its coz they dont deserve to be there. And if you think we should be humble and "compensate" for their loss.. you are just kiddin urself, doll. Cheers.

  4. P.S... the "friends" comment was a proof that if you dislike something.. you cant let go of itself and cant "divert" your attention to positive things (like u hypocritically preach on 'footprints')... big LOL

  5. Thanks Sino, Rashmi and adreamygal
    and @ mayank : I'd get back to you soon.

  6. @ mayank: every poem is written in a certain mood and tone. Mood doesnt have to match your attitude towards life. I wrote what matched the mood of the poem. It isnt a good reflection of my attitude towards heart breaks.And, I have recently gone through one, and I have handled it in a very positive manner. I am definately not a hypocrite Mr. whatthefuckisgoingon.
    Thanks for being sweet in your first comment. :P

    P.S I like your blog.


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