August 8, 2010

I miss you..!

I could sing a song,
about me and you,
Raindrops on my guitar,
Misty fog and the grassy dew..
Gosh, All along I have been saying is,
...I miss you..!
Everybody can see it,
Why cant you..?


  1. Extremely Beautiful Fantastic Lines.
    This Special Line Is Fabulous, "Raindrops On MY Guitar" Enjoyed :) :)

  2. I can't play the guitar, there's no fog here where we live.
    But yea, I missed him, and yet I think he's the only one who would never find out. :(

  3. Thanks guys..!! I wrote it for someone who did never find out.
    Infact someone who wants to turn a blind eye to it all..:)

  4. Well Rashmi , love is blind , maybe thats why he is turning a blind eye towards you ? :)

  5. Yes..Love is blind..
    But its not the love for me..! :(

    But hell..I just wrote an awesome lines..! :P :P


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