August 4, 2010

Big Things Go In First

Her grandmother thought of a plan to stop Jenny from crying and not wanting to go home to the city on the last day of summer.

Sam gave her a huge glass jar, and she brought the little girl to the shore to 'bring the beach home' with her to the city.

Sam remembers the little girl would treasure those smooth, fist sized grey-and-black stones she found while walking barefoot in the shallow waters. And of course, there was sand and the cold, clear water she so loved. It was fascinating to see her granddaughter try to fit her whole summer into a glass jar.

It took several tries after one long morning in late August -"Grandmama Sam, is it full yet?"- but Jenny finally figured out that the only way to fit everything in the best of her haul was to put the big rocks into the jar first. After that, the pebbles and small shells would sift into the spaces between the rocks. When the jar was filled to the top, she could still get in some sand.

And then, when there didn't seem to be room for any other thing, she dunked her jar into the water and topped off her 'beach' with water. She's such a smart girl!

And Sam smiled at her granddaughter, only four years old. She knew the her little girl most probably won't understand, but she had to tell her.

She told Jenny that living life was like putting the whole beach into a glass jar. The point wasn't to fit everything in; it was to attend to the most important things first -the big beautiful rocks, the most valuable people and experiences- and fit the lesser things in around them. Otherwise, the big things might just get left out.

P.S. I got this from the last book I read. Edited it here and there, but the message remains. People, treasure the big things you don't wanna lose, always put them first. :)

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  1. You are right! and conveyed it nicely too. :)

  2. Thank you! The whole idea was from the book though.. :D


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