June 9, 2010

The meaning of being.....

7 days a week,12 months a year, working round the clock is not what anybody would want for money....but what everybody deserves is a good 8 hour job 5 days a week, to earn a respectful living!!
But how many of us realise this???Money can bring in fun and comfort.But only fun in a lifetime is very monotonous and boring...There's more to life than just earning money and spending it on things which are just as permanent as a wisp of air!
That is why we need to learn the meaning of being...
Being a human,being a traveller of wide oceans and deep valleys of experience,being someone which everyone would want to be!!!!!


  1. I concur. Life is something more than earning and spending money. Fun and frolic,/ success and fame,/ all that is rare,/ and that are mundane,/ can't define life,/ or it's worth explain!


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