May 18, 2010

Lost Mind

Lost mind,
runs hard,
in search
of peace.

a voice calls,
it fumbles,
falls down.

Tries to hold,
it's lost breath,
pulls it up,
to stand again.

A support
it seeks,
no one cares,
not even one.

It begs to
the heart,
to hold
it's hand.

Heart excuses,
turns the face,
mind remains
still all alone.

Where to go,
what to do?
Endless questions
increase pain.

Yet it knows,
it has to run,
for there is
no one it's own.

It runs and
it does fast,
but destination,
seems yet far.

In search
of peace,
lost mind,
runs hard.



  1. wow girl..well thought of words..realy nice..

    and oh thanks for wishing G, you know it made it so special to get your wishes :)

  2. ...nice..I luved d last para vry mch..

  3. so well and truly expressed :)

    log on this new blog

  4. loved the last para.. strong feelings keep it up! I am sure you will go along this ... (Y) have fun

    - UnhingeD


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