April 8, 2010

The YOU That Pain Built

Brick by brick a pain builds,
nurtured by tears
nourished by the hurt.
A pain so sweet,
a precious treasure.
Fragrant like yesterday,
hopeful as tomorrow.
Pain nevertheless.

Sometimes just a whispering wind
or as gentle as a pinprick.
Often as thunderous as hailing stars
or an aching smile.
Sometimes like the grey in your hair,
or a bosom friend in despair.
Often like sand in your fist
seeping through the gaps.
Sometimes a relief
or unlearnt faith and belief.

In a small tiny prayer,
when you’re hurt and have some pain to spare,
thank your stars that you hurt,
You cried,
You rose.

Pain has built YOU,
brick by brick,
tear by tear.

As you stand on your grave,
never forget what you’ve buried.
Life is painful. Some people break apart and some people stand stronger. What kind are you? Will you bury the pain or let it bury you? Of course, never forget what you've buried.

- The Lover @ Soul Intoxicated


  1. Very beautiful poem :) I loved the closing lines very much :
    As you stand on your grave,
    never forget what you’ve buried

    Too good :)

  2. a nice poem ... Thanks ... Keep writing .. Nilesh

  3. Very beautifully and sensitively written poem :)

    Marinela x

  4. Beautiful poem,revealing, and sensitive.
    Check mine out,your opinion is valuable to me.


  5. So far what I have read from you people, has been very exciting.
    Thank you for shareing.


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