April 18, 2010

The Limit- 55 fiction

Me- "A limit..??? Why..??"

He- "That I don't know..."

Me- "We talk Freedom of speech, freedom of Expression.. Fair advertisement... What's this..?? It is not done."

"Ma'am..You can buy if you wish...." the shopkeeper said handing over the SMS Bonus card to me, which said UNLIMITED FREE SMS*

*Limited to 5oo SMS per day.

P.S. Just thought of writing about these weird schemes of telecom companies wherein they advertise something and the actual offer is something. Not that 500 sms is less per day..But why cant they advertise it that way..??

Whats your view..??

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  1. Hehehhe...that was too good Urvashi ! We didnt knew you would 55 fiction ni that way also ;) Its really a nic one ..a hatke scheme oops theme :P


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