April 10, 2010

The Indian Barber Shop

hello friends ...first of all iam sorry that i am not regular on the lounge,iam  busy with my work that's why not able to write here..but now i decided to write here whenever i get a little bit of time.

so  do you people where biggest discussion and great thinker of India is present,you all will say..Loksabha ,Rajysabha or some would say a big meet of bug business tycoon's of India.

but this was not correct....the place is the "Indian Barber Shop"
yes at this place you can find a big thinker who have great Ideas for improvement of this country.yet there are lot of discussion is going on there ,but i will tell you one of them ....last time when i went there match between KKR and Kings XI Punjab was going on...now as that barber start the TV Ajit agarkar was ready to bowl to jaywardhane and ....jaywardhane hits him four.

in that over when jaywardhane hit 2 fours some one from the shop says"ye har bar esa hi karta hain isane India ko bahut match harvaye hain...bahut run deta hain"(he always give lot of runs and played main part in most of India's losses).
now after that poor agarkar ....hit for some more boundaries and if agarkar were in that shop he definitely will take retirement from cricket.i just want to say from this post that at barber shop ...the barber who knows better that all people as he showed in the shop and all other person also know how bad bowler agarkar is...its not only about agarkar...thy can tell you that what's the problem in budget...what facility should government gave to us.
which film star is good and which song is bad.

its always a nice experience to go there because ...with the hair cut you can get free advice about anything you wanted


  1. Do they know how to cut the hair?? :P

    How much do u pay for haircut?? ;)


  2. @arjun yes they know how to cut hair

  3. I would agree to it upto a certian point , yes sometimes they are more intelligent to point out the flaws and give good sugestions more than the learned ..but then isnt commenting and pointing out is the most easiest job ?? What if same agrkar came and asked him why cant he concentrate on making his shop more attrcative ?? Wel , its just a matter of perspective sometimes you see !


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