March 24, 2010

Suicide Bombers

Safe surroundings deserted
Unveiling the terror
Insensitive to hurt
Conscience long killed
Ignoring the pleas
Death a friend
Etched aim destruction

Blasting others happiness
Onus of goals
Marred soul unaffected
Blasting own self
Emerge as winners
Retaliating against injustice
Sacrificing life happily 

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  1. The last line of the poem is very powerful. Great job.

  2. A suicide bomber...the portrayed it well!

    Well done Tweety!!!

  3. sacrificing life with pleasuer.. yeah, wanted.. this was up to mark..! well said Tweets!

  4. n yes...sometimes...even they are the victims...aftr all i cant imagine ny1 just throwing away their lives...

  5. This is a very interesting take on the prompt, the words you used made me think. Also the last stanza was a very different take on the prompt as it relate to what some believe, or how they are enticed to believe before they do this deadly act.

  6. @amias

    yes, becuz smetimes maybe they are the victims too...maybe something did force them to commit such heinous act...nt that its a justification for the crime...maybe just a motive..


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