March 4, 2010

Shattered Expectations

I come down to my knees

to please you..

to worship you..

But like all worldly Gods..

you turn gray

and run away.

Not realizing my

bleeding heart lays

beneath your feet..

You walk away crushing

the last hope

i hold to breathe

I don't know why

i fall so low

coming near your toe

What i want is small

i want you to hold me

and break this fall

Am i asking for

something big

you dont wish to give?


  1. as well penned as these words are... we would really like you to be back with your smiles again :)

    You need to smile more now, try, just smile and see :)

  2. ouch.....i don't know how to react by applauding over its penmanship...or sighing at the hurt!

    and as arv said we love u smiling for the us :)

  3. @ arv..yes ofcourse i need to smile...trying hard...will smile for all of us :)

    @ nabz..thanks for the compliment on penmanship..baaki dil ka kya hai...dil to bacha hai ji :)

  4. ...its was nice....dump all ur pain here..v r here to hold u...!!!


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