March 24, 2010

Neglected Elders

New values shattering morals
Every loving hand desolated
Gain, loss measuring relations
Little seeds we nurtured
Echo in empty nests
Cold hearts, dead emotions
Torn apart bounded families
Ebbed patience, weak strength
Denying the mocking reality

Eclipsing the old age
Love all we need
Dreams of happy home
Each day, another story
Remorse none, enjoying glory
Silence in lonely worlds

Posted @ Acrostic Only


  1. We should take care of the old...they need us more than anything else and when we will come to that, the good karma will come back to us!

    Very nice Tweety!

  2. i like this a lot tweety... u r doing so well this month with acrostics! :) nice to see u so active!

  3. @amity, leo

    thanks alot for ur means too much :)

  4. Love the spin you gave this one and the ending is indeed profound!

  5. @amias

    :) :) thnks amias...u made my day...


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