March 6, 2010

March of Death - march of death

With DEATH gone, LIFE is born!                             Freelancer

Loving hands cruelly kiss; Innocence dies.                Leo

Death escapes, We awaken, Lounge celebrates!        Nabila

Sifts through time; Death, my rhyme.                                    Leo

Till Death Do Us Part, WL!                                        Sandeep

As death left, souls united forever..                           Vidisha

Death - another reason to love life ..                           ADreamGal

Death, I live on inside you.                                         Leo

Death, our ride to another life.                                   Arv

Life never Kills. Life facilitates Death!                      Tan

Death didn't trap me; I surrendered.                          Leo

Love Death for Death loveth thou!                            Tan

I never stopped loving; Death failed.                         Leo

Come, Kiss! I dont mind Death!                                Tan

Death lost fragrance, when embraced me!                 Nabila

Death loves more than life does.                                Tan

Death - a gateway to another world ??                       ADreamGal

Lounge reincarnates, March of Death continues!!      Leo

She butchered love. Death, the rest.                           Arun Kumar

Death gives a sleep without dreams..!!                       Urvashi

Death, the bridge between my lifetimes...                  Arv

Darkness falls, Death arrives, I embrace                     Leo

Wish Life Was Peaceful Like Death!                         Gulshan

Near death experience made me alive!                       Nabila

Death Kills, if you are 'alive.'                                      Tan

"Death" never dies. It kills others..                             ADreamGal


  1. oh i love reading this chain.. and so many people back.. wonderful..keep up the good work all of u.. :)

  2. hmm..good to see the compilation... really a March....!! :)

  3. Come, Kiss! I dont mind Death! Tan
    wow this is the right atitude

  4. heya ...nice taht u arranged al the posts..just kep updating it also..and admins can just make a link of it in sidebar with soem awesome pics...this can be done for series..char chand lag jayenge lounge ki shobha me :D

  5. Thanks Heavenly Muse (Arooj??)
    That's THE attitude :P

    And Heena, you have a good idea,, hope the Admins listen!


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