February 13, 2010

Valentine in love

Alone at home
Nothing to do and I am bored
Come back home soon
I’ve been waiting all day…
Come and take me in your arms
Or kiss me, if you may
As midnight strikes, we’ll be together
And celebrate Valentine’s Day!

It’s been long since you’re gone
And I am just killing time just like that,
Talking to friends – old and new
Rushing through time on chat.

I’ve no plans for tomorrow
And I’m already feeling so blue,
I know you’d not say nothing
But I leave it again, to you.

Let’s plan a day, together
I’d cook and be good, if you say
We’ll do all the things that you want
And celebrate our Valentine’s day.

Let this be another day in life
When, we fall in love again
We’ll prove to this ignorant world
Love is immortal and no feign.

My love for you will always be there
Less than tomorrow, more than yesterday,
I promise again, my beloved wife
I will love you forever and a day!


  1. hey Tanny, this was sooo sweet bro! :D last verse esp. hit the mark!

    wonderful to see u back too! :)

  2. Thanks Vinu... Thanks for reading me... Happy Valentine's Day :)

  3. Thanks Vinu... Thanks for reading me... Happy Valentine's Day :)

  4. Wow..wonderfully written :) simply superb !!!

  5. Thank You Nalini... Wish you the same...

  6. Awwwww! You are such a lovable husband!!!

    I almost cried while reading the poem! Especially on see-ing the hidden bold letters ;)

    God bless you guys and yeah happy valentines' day!

  7. Hey Nu :)
    Thanks Sis...

    You actually 'saw' that?? Hahaha... Nobody else did... Nobody else would :)

    Happy Valentine's Day...

  8. hey. Tan why all feel the same.

    Same story and feeling i m into it.

  9. Hmmm... we often read (or come across) something and we feel that we have already gone through or rather going through the same... there are so many people in the world, someone somewhere would match my thoughts and situation for sure...

    And again, every story is different - every one of us are different :)

    I wish DA, you have good time ahead ... get alive :)

  10. loved it... n more so was amused by the way u passed ur message in bold letters :) sorry fr late comment though :)

  11. Thanks Prats!
    You know, only special eyes can see what you saw...

    ... actually, I do miss you at times... Where are you? Hope everything is just fine :)


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