February 20, 2010

Sitting in heavenly hell

Sitting in heavenly hell

There were birds singing song,
Sitting in a garden being mourn

Thinking about life how it turns, 
You love them ,how they runs,

Promises broken,trust fly
Wann compalaint but shy

Thinking abt my love bcz it hurts
Fedup fedup fedup with flirts

Garden was full of roses
Where is my rose? did I Loses? 

Birds are singing where is my song
Used to sing with heart launge

To praise her to please her
I used to cry to tease her :)

The moment i m crying live
No one  to wipe out ,dying

Time will show my importance
Time will come when repentance

Oh God make me strong i wann come
Oh God make me ur lover I wann come


  1. @princes really waiting for comments, as its first poem of my life,came as a result of situation m going through. will work hard.


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