February 13, 2010

My Angel...

How do I define you?
Are you the fresh morning dew?
Are you a an angel of my fairy tale
or are you the heavens vale?

No words speak my heart
No eye expresses my love
No song sings my care
Nothing defines the moments
We shared

I wish I could hold the time forever
I wish I could be the reason for your smile
I wish I could take away thy pain
I wish it would never make your existence vain.

The memories with you so beautiful
The time so eternal
The rose so enchanting
And the thorns invisible.

I pray for your happiness
I pray for thy love
I pray for us to survive
I pray for you to live

I want you to love
I want you to have faith
I want you to believe
I want you never to leave


  1. "I wish I could be the reason for your smile."
    That line is brilliant in it's simplicity. And yet it speaks volumes. Thank you.

  2. the person here is quit lucky and loved by you. i envy your love . may god bless us with this love someday


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