February 4, 2010


Hiya Lounge :D

It's been so many months since I stepped in here. I apologize for my very very long absence. I just wanted to share something with everyone out here :) It is interesting also...

One fine day Me and my Sir were chatting. He told me about something called THE MODULE THEORY.I thought it would be nice if I share with everyone out here :)
Please read on....

The Module Theory
Each of us has a Module of persons who matter to us. The people who populate this will change from time to time, but there will always be some; and one or two people willl be permanant, as long as they are alive. It will be a terribly lonely human being whose module is empty - at anytime.
For peaceful living, decide the persons in your Module and make sure you are OK with them and they are OK with you. Thus, even if they have a misconception about you, and you know their thinking is wrong, don't keep quiet and say "they will understand and come back" - you can't afford to wait, since they are in your module. You HAVE to consciously remove their misgivings and make them OK.
But people outside the Module do not need this extra care. If they have a wrong idea about you, you can let them have the wrong idea - doesn't matter to you as they are not in your Module.
But if they have a right idea aout you, that is they know any of your defects or 'secret foibles', it is important for you to address that defect or foible and clear it. because, even though they are not in your Module, their accusation or concern is true -- and not addressing it could be bad for your own happiness.
Follow the Module Theory for stress-less living.

See ya all of you soon :)



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