November 17, 2009

Stars are blind..!!

Human, no doubt, are social animals. We all learn to interact with different people from different background, culture and race. We are taught to intermingle and 'mix'.
And everybody is different from everybody, in features, character, personality-wise, behavior.. Even the thoughts are unique in two different people.I love being around with people and understanding their psych and their diverse opinions.
Some come across as intellectuals,
Some as flamboyant,
Some reserved,
and some outrageously stupid! But still we all have our own opinions to put forth.
And I have had a very interesting fashion to classify them and in a very cliched form as well. And that is by their zodiac signs or Raashee. No, no this is'nt inspired by the movie 'Whats your Raashee?' starring Priyanka Chopra and Hurmann Baweja. I have actually been doing this from a really long time, that is, from my first year of enggineering. And the sole inspirer for me to foray into this was my friend Pragya. She was very much into defining people into their raashees by their characteristics that she knew so well. I envied her!
But somehow after showing some keen interest and having my very own personal research, I was lost into this mystic subject. Call it crazy, but now I tend to judge people by their signs and blame any of their short comings on their sun signs!

I have had friendship with almost all sun signs and have been intrigued with the fact that I tend to get along with a person fine with whom I have found officially comaptible And its also been the other way round.
Some of my very good friends have been Geminis, Virgos, Ariens, Leos,Taureans,Pisceans and Cancerians.
I somehow find Aquarians boring ( although I am an Aquarian myself, maybe I am judging that by the fact that we have a lot in common and Aquarians like variety :-P ).
I find Scorpions dominating and manipulative.
Librans with an odd set of standards that I dont understand.
Capricons who are impatient and desperate to look good in other peoples eyes and are highly crtical.
Cancerians, gentle sweet and emotional people.
Geminis as more of the outgoing types and good listeners.
Taureans to be more simple, subtle and push themselves too far.
And I have dated an Arien man who has the boundless energy bouncing of his head and had an raging enthusiasm for life and not to forget that impulse and raging temper. A Virgo man, with whom I failed to connect emotionally, but was a down to earth person, and always ready to help. An Leo, who left me amazed at the fact that they shower all their sweetness down upon one special person, but can get clingy and dominating. An Capricon, who have high levels of intellect and are impatient and disciplined creatures who after a while become very preditable. I have been out with an Aquarian man as well, who was very very similar to me, which left me bored after a while.
Recently my very good friend got into a relationship with this guy who was a Scorpion. And my god, He is bossy and clingy! I personally can't stand people who are clingy. My friend being a Arien complained this to me after about a month of their courtship. And I went, " What did you expect? He is a damn Scorpion..!" And she agreed with me in vane.
Its funny how we can define these people in set of catagory with something as mystic as planetary evolution and inclinations. I am not an avid astrology reader nor had any interest in birth charts, kundalis and dosham and fiddles.
But somehow for people, this whole arena has been a constant source of fascination because for most of the times they are very true.And sometimes it may sound crude and cliched but I guess everybody has their ways of saying "I have seen your types".
Guess what?! The next time I say that, I know somewhere my answer within me for that blurted out line, is justified. :-)

DISCLAIMER : I don't mean any offence to any of the sun signs if you 're too concerned. This is my personal opinion, you can agree with me, empathize or damn me for the same.

But in the meantime, get me a Sagittarian guy because I have never actually known any Sagittarian. So thats one territory left unexplored..! :-P


  1. Interesting.. At first I wasn't interested at all in this stuff. But when I started, I went deep into it... yes its soooooooo interesting and easy to judge people

    Btw, I a gemini gal :P

  2. interesting .. though u have misunderstood librans :)

  3. Nice compartmentalization. About scorps i too have noticed that. Btw Have you ever dated a Pisces guy?

  4. @ Varun.. Umm...No..althogh I a few Piscean friends who are wnderful people.

    Why do you ask..?

  5. You mentioned a little less about pisceans in there, so I asked.


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