November 16, 2009


Soft and adoring Lips
Ensuring smooth tender Kiss
Demuring glint of eyes
Uttering alluring cries
Craving for love afire
Tormenting heart with desire
Improvise she can perfect
Over a thousand act
No one can comprehend

For Acrostic Only


  1. Hi again,

    this is one great post again from you...:)

    how shall i call you now? Sarah?

    please tell me and thank you for taking the time to make clarifications on my mistake...:)

    have a nice day!

  2. Amity,
    Ii is Ok. I was just curious to know what you meant! hahahah Since I am a male, you can call me Saras which is my nick name. Thanks for your appreciation. I admire your posts too.

  3. @Saras

    Couldn't comprehend the last one? :P

  4. This was a turn on..! :-P
    Nicely written..


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