November 19, 2009


One Single Impression Prompt - Reincarnation

I follow Krisna Conciousness (ISKCON)

Every one sings

'Happy Birthday to you
May you have many more'

We sing on birthdays

'Hare Krishna to you
May you have no more births'


when i see my little girls playing
i wish to be a little girl too
not any girl mind you....
only if i could be born in my family again..
be my daughter's grand daughter?
that would be perfect!

I do follow Krisna Conciousness
But being that little girl
is very tempting too!

Photo courtesy :Central Asian at Flickr

Shraddha @ The Self Love Project


  1. Wow! Your Love for your L'il one is abundantly clear! Very well done.

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  3. Awe, for the life of a little girl.
    Of course you can remember how it was. This is a nice light and serious one for the prompt.

  4. they are twin girls actually!!! :)))

  5. More the merrier! Happiness doubled.In my family my yongest sister is a Premature born and is now a mother of Teens!

  6. woww...m rlly touched by yr deep luv towards yr twins..this was really awsumm...may god bless u nd yr daughters..thnx 4 sharing such luvly thoughts..:)

  7. Hi Shrads, little girls do have fun in their playing. Both of my daughters did, I remember some of that.
    I am counting days. Your daughters' grandaughters you might miss except for reincarnation about that time.
    Their daughters yes, you will play with your grandchildren. From my experience that is wonderful (we have three grandaughters)!

  8. thank you for your kind words Jim!

    i did the maths too and then!

  9. You will enjoy as a little girl for sure, but the later life might not be a rose bed. Think of resisting the temptation :)

  10. can the gods resist
    the temptation
    of a human birth

    to know the sorrow
    to know the joy
    of being human ..

    for ur beautiful poem
    many thanks ..

  11. everybody wants to be born again like that lil' girl, or to be again;

    wonderful thoughts Shradda!

  12. You have a point Varun!

  13. To have an opportunity to relive the life of a child, especially in our own family. Though would we remember the past? Very nice.

  14. beautiful tribute of love for your daughters...

  15. So very sweet and full of thought! Love it.

  16. Only a love so pure could draw you back. Lovely!


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