November 14, 2009

My Beloved Teacher

Immaculate in his Attire, he is clean like a whistle
Always smiling and his eyes got a twinkle
Ram, Rahim or Robert, we were all the same
He often said, what's there in a name
Be it Rain or shine, He was always there
You just come and learn to your heart's desire
He taught me English, Maths and Poetry
I met Keats, Shelly and Frost amidst Geometry
He would enact many a scene from Shakespeare
Stunned and awed would be the atmosphere
Under his tutelege many of us grew to great heights
With him always standing there, school in his sight
When I heard about his sad demise this Fall
I thought, it was the "most unkindest cut of all".

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  1. oh thats a nice dedication fr ur teacher....feels bad that hez no more alive!

    cheer nd welcome to the lounge


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