November 22, 2009

future India?

hello friends after a long time iam posting on the lounge...yet iam not at home as i told in the chat box.iam shifted to indore for my GATE preparation.

this incident i saw when iam travelling in the van in indore ,two women sitting in front of me and one had a small baby in her lap after 5 minutes van had stopeed at some stop and a young man entered into the van and he told that women(who had a baby)to move aside so that he could sit .after that that small baby looked that young man frequently lot of small baby do when they saw something new ...that women told another women that"DEKH ISANE MUJHE SARKAYA NA TO ISE KAISE GHUR KE DEKH RAHA HAIN"(see this boy told me to get he(baby) was loking him i anger).iam really disappointed by that small baby know anything about this.
if we are teaching our future like this we can't hope a better India in the future .it was really shamefull.


  1. She might have jus joked yaar, u are taking it too seriously, you jus need to chill out, there are bigger problems facing the country.

  2. @varun
    i heard it yaar and the way she said it
    it was not joke

  3. It's not about future of India then, it's about her own child's future, because not every mother in India thinks like that. So don't worry. :)

  4. @varun
    its not that woman only her shows what community she belong what she learn from her community and her community people also learn from somewhere so u know how many people is suffering from this thinking

  5. guess u took it too seriously ... hope the child had fun on his part :)

  6. it was just a comment. dont take it that seriously.

  7. hehehehehe... sry but... hehehehe....

    It's a small baby man... Poor thing, wat will it know?? :P Tuu tension math le...

    The small baby had an ego problem?? hehehehe... sry :P Maybe tat man had a scary face or a long beard... tats y the baby would have stared...

    Abt the lady... u shld have taken a class there.... U should have told her not to spoil India's future....... ;)


  8. @arjun
    vah yaar shayd koi idhar meri baat ko smajh nahi paya
    agar meri jagah us baat ko suante to pata padta thik hain tumhari marji as u wish
    iam expecting this response on this post


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