November 8, 2009

Ebony and Ivory.

7th June, 2009.
9: 43 am.

"You think you can heal people?"
"I touch them, and they heal."
"Alright. Who was the last person you healed?"
"I found a boy crying on the road the other day, I touched him. He stopped crying. He healed."
"He stopped crying? Okay. So have you ever healed a wound?"
"Yes. I have. I must have. I'm sure."
"So tell me Anvesha, tell me about you. What do you think? What do you like? What do you don't like? go on... tell me."
"I don't like you."

14th June, 2009.
9: 30 am.

"You mentioned a friend the last time. Sonya. Who is she? Are you close with her?"
"She's the reason I'm here. She's my best friend. She means everything to me. She lives with me."
"She lives with you? Your parents allow friends to stay over?"
"Yess, yes. They do. They like her too."
" Are you lying Anvesha? "
" I told you I don't like you."
"So your friend, Sonya, does she know you can heal people?"
"Yes, I have healed her. Her parents were abusive. Her father drinks a lot. She was very depressed, so I healed her. Now she's happy with me, at home."
" So healing is like power to you?"
" I think I can see power. I can feel it. And I don't like talking about it, its very personal.
I came here for different reasons. I just need some therapy not some godliness advice. Sonya thought i should get therapy. not even me. So why don't you talk about other things and we can move along"
" But you told me about your power"
" So? I didn't give you a right to talk about it."

21st June, 2009
9: 56 am.

"Excuse me?"
"What? I told you I don't want to talk about it."
"You threw a plant at your teacher and you say you "quit" college?"
" She said I was wrong about everything! She said genetics isn't my field. How can she say that? I live for this. I live for this research."
"What research?"
"Mutating genes."
" Regeneration?"
"yes. It's my baby. And she asked me to shut up about it."
" So you quit?"
"How will you pursue your research then?"
"I'll join a library, I can do this on my own."

27th June, 2009
9: 47 am.

" I found this person online and I'm so excited about doing this project with him. He understands everything. I've never been so happy before!"
" hmmm. I see. So this guy? where does he live?"
" Here in Mumbai. He's a little older than me. Someone whom I sketched in my head when I was small to be my boyfriend! He's perfect. So perfect."
" How can you be sure?"
" You know what? You're a pathetic loser!" Anvesha reaches out to the pen stand.
"I hate you!"
She throws it at her.
"I hate feeling excited about telling you anything!"
She grabs her hand.
" You're nothing. You're not important!"


"So that was sudden. You were happy a moment before. Why this sudden rage?"
" I don't know. It happens sometimes. Maybe its your face."
"yes. I have a lot of freckles. Do you not like freckles?"
" I hate freckles. I hate looking at them. I hate those dots and those shapes. You're ugly."
"Maybe. You don't know that."
" I do know that. I do know that."
"yes, weekly, two hours has made you know that."
"No. I knew it when I saw you. You remind me of my mother. That face, that firm voice. I hate it."
"You hate your mothers voice?"
"I hate you."

4th July, 2009
9: 35 am.

"I think I need your help. I don't know...but I feel my husbands cheating on me. I cant get over this...", she sobs.
" So? Why do you need my help?"
" You can heal me! please heal me!", she screams.
" I don't think so. It's your problem, you handle it"
"But! You help people don't you?", she chokes.
"Okay. Fine. Give me your hand."
Anvesha closes her eyes when she holds her.
" There."
" I don't feel anything. I don't feel healed."
" I cant heal you then."
"Why not?"
" I don't know."
She stops sobbing.
" You couldn't heal me?"
"I hate you!"

11th July, 2009
9:45 am.

"Husband's still cheating on you?", Anvesha snorts in some confused emotion.
"I don't know. I haven't confronted him yet."
"Hah. Loser."
"Yeah. Maybe. You quit too. You're a loser too."
"NO! I'm not. Okay? I'm not a loser. I don't know why I quit."
"Are you on meds?"
"Yes, the doc says I got some bipolar shit or something. I wasn't listening. Mom gives me some tabs to eat in the night."
"Okay. Do you take them regularly?"
"Yeah. Whatever. Don't you speak to my mother like everyday?"
" Hah, no. You think am that interested in your life?"
" Liar"
"Yeah. Whatever. Don't you ask about me everyday?"
" I don't like you".

17th July, 2009
9: 32 am.

" How's Sonya?"
" She's fine. She's been busy."
"Doing what?"
"Things. I don't know. She just lives with me, what am I supposed to know everything?"
"Why so worked up?"
"Am not. She's just not been around."
"Is she scared of you?"
"Why should she be?"
" You have a tendency to yell and throw things? Maybe that's why?"
"No. It's not a tendency. It's involuntary. No one understands it."
"Do you think the bipolar might be a reason?"
"That's bull."
"Hahahah. bull?"
"Yeah, bull."
"Why don't you ask her?"
"She says she doesn't know"
"When did you ask her?"
"Yeah. Now", she hesitated.
"She isn't here."


"My mom told me you left your husband."
" She did?"
"Yes. I'm sorry I couldn't heal you."
" Your mom told me you joined class again."
"She did?"
" Yes. I'm glad i could help you."
"You didn't"
"Yeah, sure."
"I don't like you."


"You know where Sonya goes?"
"NO! and I don't want to know!"


24th July, 2009
9: 40 am.

" She's gone. Her clothes. Her everything. She's gone!", Anvesha yelled when she entered the room.
"You know why?"
"Sit down."
"Sit down!"
"You know why? You're intelligent enough right?"
"I'm crying. I'm crying dammit! I don't cry!"
" I know. This must have really hurt you. Is this some sort of an epiphany? Your eyes look wide."
" She never existed!"
" Or maybe a revelation!"
"Shit. Fuck. No! What is happening. I read about bipolar. Shit. No!"
" Your mom told me you learn things when you see it front of your eyes. You believe in science."
"Isn't it true?"
"Yes. Maybe,why are you asking me this?"
" Just wanted to know."
Anvesha had stopped crying.
"What was i talking about?"
" I have no idea."
"Okay. Alright. What else now? Are we finished? Feels like I've been here since long"
" Yeah. Sure."


"I have researched quite a lot you know."
" Oh good. With that internet friend?"
" What internet friend?"
" I might be mistaken. Sorry. Your college mate then?"
"Yeah. This friend in college is helping me."


"I do understand things when seen. It's like facts. I believe in facts. Science is facts."
"Facts can be quite deceptive sometimes."
" Facts are real. Deception is emotional"
"I'm not married. I don't have a husband."

31st July, 2009
10.00 am

"This might be our last-
"I like you."



  1. Wonderful.. It is Perfect... No words to appreciate too..

  2. 'facts are real, deception is emotional', oh really?

    but you can heal? of course, anybody can, not just popping meds in our mouth and we're healed. taking care of someone, saying that person is impt., too.

    very lengthy post, almost bored me, PEACE!

    but i like the totality of it!


  3. looks like a facts v/s human tendency thing...i like the way it ends openly..keep up :)

  4. @amity me:
    yes, really.
    and yes, it's long.
    Here, healing is the process of a supernatural power.
    IF you didnt understand this, then you didnt understand the post.

  5. @passion must :
    :), No. It isn't. It's about bipolar disorder.


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