November 20, 2009

Don't know

You tried to figure out,

everything that is mixed should be separated and separated should be made even to smoothen the surface...

got a lot satisfied or not?

never you say
and never you may
say that 'never say never'

but forever you glide on the retrospective sheets
you childish imagination peeps
through the time shadow, shades of the time to come

you always see the past...the light giving you knowledge takes time to travel, from the subject to your eyes...

and its only a matter of time before you will know what mattered was nothing but time only.


  1. I mean u should play with words ok..but between words where's the content/context.

  2. looking for content and context? that's a mistake we should avoid sometimes.

  3. without content/context anything u write is equal to null..correct me if I am wrong

  4. Without content nothing can be written, anything written has a content for sure. Context is not necessary.

  5. i would disagree with the last line though

    time is not the only thing that matters.. am just saying my point

  6. like form follows function
    context follows content

    that gives the write a dimension, the dimension of reality.

    that gives it depth.

    hope you see my point.

    and yes we write many times without content also...

  7. @freelancer

    Thanks for reading through. It' was not the time which is static, its time which passes away as we live. This is the time i referred to.


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