November 23, 2009

Death of a star

I might be no star,
for you i know
but you only taught
to treat myself so
I don't really know
how a star dies
if the Gods ever see
the hole in the sky
You see me shine
but not how i burn
you see me go bright
but not the vaccum
I am exceeding myself
as I lose my sense of life
for my own good sake,
I commit to be destroyed.
The star will go away
replaced by a black hole
difference lies in attraction
the one in sky does,i will not.


  1. heyy..very wonderfully written..inspirational..:)

  2. wonderfully written, you see me go bright
    but not the vaccum i loved this one the most

  3. thankuuu :)

    @Pooja... thats my fav lines too.

  4. i nominated this lovely post for Avant grade Awards


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