November 21, 2009

Chocolate Tour

When I woke up today morning, I was pleasantly surprised by the weather in Plainsboro, NewJersey! Bright sunshine, just enough chill and excellent weather. My Grand daughter insisted that I take her to the Chocolate Factory at Hershey because she wanted "This-much-Chocolate"(Read it as Hands spread wide apart as a measure of quantity!). I was not particularly keen on going to a Chocolate Factory as the idea did not impress me. However the enthusiasm showed by my little friend was so infectious that I agreed and we rented a Toyota Sienna. We were four adults and 2 kids which forced us to rent a van because with 2 children seats in our Honda sedan , the four of us, adults, did try a lot of jigsaw but could not succeed in devising a seating arrangement for all of us. Mind you, out of this I, my daughter and son are 6 footers! though my wife did more than compensate with her demure physique.
The journey till Philadelphia was uneventful. Once we were nearing the city of Hershey the scenery began to change. I was very happy to see the panoramic view of green meadows on both sides of the road with scattered houses that looked like chocolates. Reaching Hershey we were so hungry that we rushed straight to the food court. With the input of calories we began our tour of the factory and other places. It was indeed an excellent place with very hygienic atmosphere and such a variety of chocolates. I indulged in helping myself to a good quantity ignoring the silent but lethal look on my wife’s face.
By the time we finished the tour and got ready for the return journey, which is a good 130 Mile, I and my grand daughter were so tired that we began to sleep. When my son woke us up on reaching the house it was 8PM and God did we have a good time! I think I enjoyed it more than the little one.
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  1. aww.. thats so sweet.. i wanna go to the chocolate factory once :D

  2. The child in you enjoyed more than the child with you :) we all love chocolates don't we?


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