October 19, 2009

Unsaid Things

I read a post today which has pulled me here to write about "Unsaid Things". In our life there would've been moments when we would've felt at our best without saying about how we feel and what we feel. That moment we feel like we have lived our entire life! Few such things strike me now..

  • When we know that we love our spouse/partner/bf/gf so much that we needn't tell every possible moment that we love him/her and they automatically understand how much we love them
  • Love for our siblings... I fight with my sister so much that I keep my mouth shut even for months together but can't stand if something happens to her! I don't say "I love you sis" often even then its one of the beautiful relationship :) and one of the most beautiful "Unsaid" feel isn't it?
  • Missing someone special yet feeling them near us everytime
  • Crush.. Yeah! Crush... it's not the feel something to be mocked at. Only the person who has crush on someone knows how it feels... This is one of the many unsaid things that gives the best feel :) and NO I don't have crush on anyone.. I crossed that age :P
  • Silently admiring the beauty of the nature.. For instance, when we walk on the road carpeted with flowers it gives us immense pleasure that sometime we leave it "unsaid" as it adds more beauty to our already best feel
To conclude, "Silence" in itself is beautiful and gives us best feel :)

Hope many of us have such "Unsaid Things" in our life. Would you mind sharing here like I did?? If you don't mind, leave ur "Unsaid Things" in comments section :)


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  1. i think you covered the main points that i agree with Miya :)

    those are indeed things that go unsaid, but matter a lot all the same!! :)

    waiting for ur book review too!!!

  2. nice, very nice Meow...

    yeah, some things are better left unsaid...silence is poetic...?


  3. What more to b said abt the Unsiad things...Just that some things r best when felt rather than said...Nice work.. !! :)

  4. wow...i agree!

    those unsaid things always keep lingering!!

    great job!

  5. It's one of those feelings that this post gives when you're just left closing your eyes with all the lovely things on your mind saying..'So true..'..

    Loved the post..

    Keep writing..:-)


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