September 15, 2009

overheard conversations - trouble or therapy?

i once saw a movie 'henry poole is here' in which, initially, the little girl records people's conversations around her because of some childhood mental trauma when she stopped talking. i wonder how it feels to listen the conversations already done, again and again and again. it becomes a rhythm in a way. every syllable is a world in itself. every word is a universe. or, well, so it seems.

commuting by bus everyday, meeting unique samples of people on every trip, i can say, is the most rewarding of all social human experiences. because you see, bus is a public transport system and if you start thinking of their possible family backgrounds, by gauging their dressing and what things they are carrying, and then overhear what they are talking, obviously too loudly, then it blends into something even more profound!

two university students board the bus, one guy and a girl, madly in love. it shows, they say. the guy has one green covered book in his hand and a blue pen. the girl, in contrast, is heavily loaded with heavy books, a cup of coffee, a set of keys, her ipod, her cellphone, various shiny things dangling in and out and to and fro from her loud red bag. opposites attract, they say.

"f***, there's no seat. oh wait, there's one at the back, you go and sit there.", says the guy.

"i don't give a damn. you can go and sit.", snaps the girl.

"listen, you are carrying all these books and all, just go and sit there."

"what do you care? you are all the same!"

"now what is this?"

the girl ignores, looks straight ahead.

at the next stop, they both get off the bus.

moral of the story, you ask? figure it out yourself. once ashton kutcher, in a movie, "what happens in vegas", said, "men and women are not supposed to co- exist[!!!]" (i inserted the exclamation marks).

actually there is a moral of the story: as much hard it sounds when someone says to us to focus, in this world where so many things are going on all around you and even far away from you, it makes you wonder whether it is all worth it: whether it is all just trouble or therapy?

overhearing conversations have taught me a lot about life (sounds like a cliche) but have wasted more of my time too. next time, you have a similar experience, feel free to share what you learnt.


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  1. interesting story... welcome to the lounge

  2. welcome
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    oh found ye (`)

    so anyways welcome...that was a good post
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  3. Welcome to the lounge ~...

    I quite like your attitude! :)
    Loved this post... :) Nice observations!! :D

    We overheard conversations when we were in college, but sigh! I am workin now and trust me...all the fun is gone... I once tried to overhear a conversation and all they talked of was about incentives and increments! :P How boring! :)


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