September 4, 2009

Moon can feel her pain

She was reading her bed time novel when Nupur's phone started vibrating. Avinash was calling. It was 12.35 in the night! “Hi avi! Kya hua? Itni raat ko... ??? neeni nahi aa rahi kya?”,she said giggling.

“look Nupz, majaak mat udaao yaar... tumhe pata hai na kitni tension hai... !!” he replied in a firm straight voice, expecting sympathy and concern from her, which she hardly got ever.

“oh god Mr Romeo, did you proposed her or not? I made you learn the lines na! Just call her up and be a man, show some god damn courage you Idiot”, she was still giggling.

“had it been you, it would have been so so easy, gosh! Just as Neha picks up the phone, I forget everything... even my name.” he was sounding low!

“look Avi, I think since last 2 years, you have eaten my god damn head over this girl, I think you should go for it tonight, she is your good friend now too and keep telling me how much she adores and respects you all the time... just tell her what you feel for her.” she replied with the same calmness and compassion with which Nupur had been dealing with Avinash for past 8 years.

“aur waise bhi... har ladki ka sapna hoga ki tum jaisa padka usse miley...” she said in a low tone and took a breath.

Avi kept the phone down. She smiled again and resumed her novel, muttering to herself... “pagal hai ye ladka.”

Avi and Nupz were best friends since school days, then college and now professional buddies, have faced so many ups and downs but were always there for each other.

Tee tee – tee tee, her phone started beeping again, she read a text message which was from Avi.

“I just proposed her, she said Yes :) wanted me to marry her soon. I am shocked, numb, thrilled and everything else that I can't express in words”. She called him up. “mubarak ho mr romeo, koi ladki bechari bewkoof ban hi gayi finally”, she said and started giggling again. “Nupz, tum kabhi toh serious hua karo yaar”, he said smiling. He was happy. She was happy because he was happy. “acha ab phone rakho, mujhe mere best friend se baat karni hai”,she said.

“haan haan jao, kal milte hain, tumhe pata hai waise... You are the best, I repeated exactly same lines to her what you told me to, I still dont know How you understand my emotions, more then I understand them, You are the best thing that ever happened to me, ab chane k jhaad pe mat chado...ahem ahem! Jyada ho gaya”, he said this and with voice of laughs, his tone faded away to single beep on phone line.

She opened her room and went out in the garden, she looked up! Moon stared from above. Seemed as if tears were shedding from cheeks of moon and moon light is carrying them and settling them on her eyelids. Her eyelids were wet. Her eyes were red. She cried. “only you knew that I loved him beyond all limits for all these years, I wish I would have agreed to your advice of letting him know about it”,”I wish... I wish...”

she came back running. Stormed into her pillow and busted to tears. She picked up a piece of paper and wrote on it the following lines from a text message which she had learn...

“Zindagi se humne kuch chaha hi nahi

chaha jise bhi usse kabhi paya hi nahi

jise paya usse kuch yun kho diya

jaise Zindagi mein kabhi koi aaya hi nahi”

she opened the window of her room and threw that paper up in the sky, peeping her one hand out. The air blows of chill, carried them up above, some where towards her best friend, the moon. Few minutes later, it rained, it rained as if the moon was crying, it rained as if its every droplet covered the beauty of her selfless true love. She looked up to the moon and allowed the raindrops to splash on her forehead. She smiled.


  1. aww... such a cute story and so much true.
    i guess this happens with every boy and girl who are best friedns. atleast one of them ends up getting hurt.

  2. Nice story Pulkit.. reading you after a long time...

    Is this a contest entry? IF so, please check the word count once more mate... keep it within 500 words!! [Though I dont want you to cut it short!!]

  3. beautiful brother....reading ur work after ages :) nice

  4. @ pooja.. m glad u liked it :)

    @ Tan - I just returned to the virtual world, after a long gap!
    the first thing I did was to open WL , read a few posts on front page and jotted one myself ...based on the theme pic, whatever came to my mind!
    I dint knew about word limit :)

    @ h - thanks bro :)

    @ stephen - M back :) back to senses, back to life,, :) back to WL... :) as promised! hope the admin team got my mail which I wrote 1 month back :)

  5. vry nice pulkit...dis grl is vry brave can smile even wn heart is crying inside ......brilliant..

  6. superb you after a long u edit and bring under 500 words..I really dont want to see disqualifying from the contest..

    \m/ rock on buddy...

  7. Super Story mann....Infact I looked at the pic again once I finished the story...It's so apt yaar ...

    And those 4 lines at the end were icing on the cake really ....Beautiful :)

  8. @ vidisha - gals r more optimistic then boys! its my central belief, they can always smile when the boy they love is smiling!

    @ purple haze - :) thanks m glad u liked it, ur comment is an award for me :)

    @ anurag - :) thanks a lot bro!!


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