September 7, 2009

Heavenly Longing

Pearly moon, show thy face,
Reflect thy light on these waters;
So halcyon they are right now.
Lead me to him who awaits me,
A star by your side was my love.

Rising tides embracing the wind,
Take me when enraged is the sea;
There many miles below, a dock.
A vessel so fine, rests there alone,
My love waits there, for wedlock.

Dark night, I pray, engulf me,
I wish not to see the light again;
My wait, it shall not end soon.
Only a star, I wish now to see,
It is he, smiling beside the moon.

Wedlock in heaven, for us waits,
Just get to his side soon, I must;
For his wait has been very long.
Just a moment more, here alone,
Then by his side, where I belong.

Word Count: 133
Submitted for WL Moonlight Picture Contest, Poetry  and crossposted to my blog.


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