August 13, 2009


The room was pitch dark when he entered. A spotlight lead him to her.The dark red silk dress accentuated her perfect curves but it was her radiant face that amazed him.

“Gosh! You look as stunning as any Superstar” he muttered as he hugged her.

She smiled,with a little less joy though.She wasn’t sure if she was a star of his world or the glamour world.


  1. hmmm.. dubious... good one...

    yup the lounge is quiet... is it cos of the swine flu ?? :P

  2. Is swine flu cyber borne too..:P..

  3. looks like some1 is having a gr8 time by being a superstar ;)..

    wat happened next :D??

  4. Yea... most girls think like this...

    Wanted to put up a response to this - but then, cant think much differently right now...


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