August 21, 2009

Moonlight picture Contest.

Guess what we are here to make an announcement.But before that let me welcome all the new members in our Lounge.Hope that you all would love this place and cherish every moment here.I'm really happy to announce our 4th contest.Previously we had few contest based on specifc themes.We had "Rain drenched Lounge contest"which was based on short stories. It was then followed by the "Inspiration Contest" which was a poetry contest.Then we had the "Lol@lOUNGE" contest which was based on humour.Now we have decided to blend all these genre's and we present the "Moonlight picture contest".
Look at the picture below.All you have to do is based on the picture.

Yes you can write stories and poems based on the above picture.
for Stories.
1) The central theme of the story is the given picture
2)The story should not exceed more than 500 words.
3)The story should contain a title that should be posted along with the story in writers lounge.
4)At end the participant is expected to write the word count.
5)Labels for your story would contain your name,WL-Contest,ML-contest
for Poems.
1) The central theme of the poem is the given picture
2)Poetry can be of any form
3)The poem should contain a title that should be posted along with the story in writers lounge.
5)Labels for your poem would contain your name,WL-Contest,ML-contest

Terms and Conditions:
1)This contest is valid for the members of this community.In case if you want to take part then you may leave your email id on the shout box .One of the administrator may invite you to the group blog.
2 )Entries should be made on or before 5th September ,2009.
3) Members can post multiple entries on the theme here. But you will mail us only the entry which you want us to consider for the award.
4) The contest will be judged by a writer whose name will be revealed later.
5)The results will be announced by 13th September,2009 .
6)The winners name along with the 1st and the 2nd runner up will be announced on 13th September 2009
The winner will get a badge from Writers Lounge and Ebooks of famous writers which would be announced later.

At the same time, the pariticipants are expected to mail their posts in word format along with the word count to

Please refrain from posting other stuff apart from the stories for this contest till 5th September, 2009. We will be closing the lounge for general posts/rants during this time period. This is just to ensure that the contributions for this contest don't get lost and people who contribute get maximum support as well as dedicated readership. If anyone does want to notify other lounge members of a new post on their blog, please feel free to use the Shoutbox. We regret the inconvenience caused. We guess it should be a great experience reading different takes on the given picture. We are just facilitating the same and ensuring that your stories get read. A humble request to all talented writers here on writers lounge to try their hand and churn up a story/poem for contest. Writers Lounge Rocks! And you all make it rock! Cheers!!
PS:Members are requested to send in their "Member of Month" entries to the admin mail id.


  1. A big thumbs up for this.. :) :)

    I'll participate surely..


  2. wah wah!
    Aur ek Contest?? Ab maza ayega...

  3. yayy...right time to have a contest :)

    Requesting all to participate actively !!

    \m/ rock on mates !!

  4. great timing for a contest cheers

  5. Yaay!! great time i was there for neither LOL nor rain drenched lounge so i will take part, have already begun thinking!!! love the pic! all the best

  6. wow naya contest ..i vl refill my pen now..;)

  7. nice! I've started writing something already!


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