August 16, 2009

just thinking aloud...

i don't expect him to call..
nor do i call & nag him.

but when we talk, we talk for hours..
forgetting the world,
forgetting ourselves,
and not bothering how time flies.
we laugh, we fight, we plan, we gossip..
"WE!"the word sounds so good when i say it..

his looks, attitude, attire, everything appeals to me
i could even keep looking at him,
and hearing his voice till eternity!
but i don't tell him.
i don't tell anyone..

Yet, somewhere i think he knows too.
and maybe he thinks of me as much as i do..
because when he looks at me & i catch his eye,
i can see it tell me a thousand things..
of affection, of attraction, of love..


  1. Oh, how sweet is that! :)

    If its a fiction... its uber cool...

    But if its reality... go and tell him gurl... :)

  2. awww.... how sweet and cute and adorable.
    really touching.
    good one!

  3. It's love for sure..Nothing can be as beautiful as love..:-)..Nicely expressed..:-)

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  5. @ pooja,aarthi,amar,h and bard : thank u so much :) it really means a lot to me. .

  6. hehe.. thanx pal.. but dunno if that'll ever happen..


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