August 14, 2009

Cricket Quiz - 1

From now on I'll be hosting the cricket quiz in WL. Rules of the Quiz.

The Quiz will be posted every Friday and the answers to the quiz must be sent to me via email ( ) on or before Wednesday. Therefore the last day for this quiz is 19th. Please write in the subject WL cricket quiz.

The answers will be published every Friday with another set of questions along wit
h the winners of previous quiz.

That is all. So go ahead and break your head. The first Quiz is easy. :D

So here goes,
1.) Who invented the famous 'Doosra'?

2.) Which Aussie captain said, "If you get Dravid, Great. If you get Sachin, Brilliant. If you get Laxman, it's either a mistake or a miracle." ?

3.) Name the only captain to have declared his team's innings when he was batting and not out in the nineties (93*).
[HINT - It happened in the first test between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in 1991-1992]

4.) Which Indian batsman holds the record for most test innings before scoring a double century?

5.) Who is this former English skipper?

Send your answers to my mail id( ) last date for sending answers is 19 Aug till 8PM.

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  1. thanks yaar
    u again started it now
    i will surely participate in it

  2. Would have loved to participate... Dont know all... I could have googled for the answers that I dont know, but no time for that!!

    Maybe next time... :)

    Good Initiative little boy :)


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