July 5, 2009

The Un-Told love

Just another day in my useless life,
A pleasant sunday morning,
Was walking through the same street wer i saw her first,
The day wen i was struck by her beauty,
I decided to open up my heart today,
Watever happens am telling her today, "U r the queen of my heart"

I see her at a distance,
I slipped well may be her beauty made the floor slippery,
My heartrate surges as she nears me,
I am confident i'll tel her today,
She comes near me,
I open my mouth but only air comes out,
She passes me,
I keep on walking,
The end of an untold love story......


  1. lol...happens many a time beo...many a time...happened to me too....a lot of times...lol...wid a lot of gals...hehe

  2. Well written Dr.Kumar! I like the last line :)

  3. @FL,
    Yeah dude...... U r rt.......
    It happens many a times......
    But this is pue fiction.....

  4. @The Bard,
    May be dude....
    it may have a continuation....

  5. hey raj,i guess this happens with many people in every day life.Iam glad tht someone has expressed such beautiful feelings.But please write whole words and not short forms,i somehow like to read them that way..

  6. @Crystal gal,
    Thans for the nice comments crystal..... sorry.... will use full wordings from now on.... thanx a ton for being a critic.....


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