July 26, 2009

Timeless Child

This is my first attempt to cover the social menace of child molestation. I personally feel the sickness inside a pedophile is untreatable. The stats are available with most of the NGOs and other law enforcement agencies globally that states that all those who go through such horror in their earilier lives are often over taken by prolonged post-traumatic stress and other psychological disorders .Many of them even end up in juvenile homes and prisons when they grow up. Please read the poem only if you wish to feel the pain of a child who gets physically abused instead of witnessing endless love from all the corners of the world.

. . .

Painting on a white paper piece
These shivering hands holds the brush
Need the right color from my valise
You do it slowly theres no rush
Sitting like a cornered stone
Lost in lullaby of my dreams
Just learned how to spell 'ozone'
Few reminiscence of self-esteem

Then you happened on a dark new day
Holding my fingers with a father's touch
Helping me with my sketches
Behind your eyes lived that ugly lust
You whispered every word of faith
Wish I could understand your plot
Fading innocence in every breathe
I was your sweetest jackpot

"Mother Mary dont you hear
I always did my homework in time
Jesus dont you see my tears
That crash upon the filthy chimes"
Every moment turned to hour
Trauma inflicted through that pain
Did my best to resist your power
That white paper and those red stains

I was left crawling in the doorway
As you zipped and left away with pride
You knew it was my eighth birthday
The day when my childhood died
sometimes I lived in Prozac,
sometimes I needed morphine
Yesterday I came out of rehab
Tomorrow I'm turning nineteen

Mother Mary dont you see now
I have got a hand full of guns
Every bullet has your name
Every moment has your burns
I'm trigger happy as I can be
Found you drunk at August's bar
Between your eyes I placed the three
Jesus you pushed me this far

Painting on a white paper piece
These trembling hands holds the brush
Your death was my final bliss
I painted slowly , there was no rush !


  1. touching... !!... i could feel the pain in each word.. !!

  2. Hey prats ! speechless hmm... Supposed to be ! :)

    Hey mona - thanks for kind reading and that heartfelt feedback !

  3. touching thoughts...
    great write dude...


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