July 3, 2009

Laal ( In English for Non Hindi Readers )

Thoda laal sinduur saja dena maang mein mori

Aur ek choti laal bindiya bhi laga dena maathe par

Chand laal chudiyaan ho gar to mori kalaai mein daal dena

Aur haan, hatheliyon mein meri laal mehndi chada dena

Pairon mein thoda laal alta pighla dena

Mar jaun main jab, ek laal odhni main dafna dena

Woh kya hai na, ek tavaayaf hun main

Durga puja main mere hi aangan ki mitti chaahiye

Par ghar basaane ke liye mujh par laal rang koi na dale

Isiliye, laal rang ho suhaagan sa agle janam more aanchal main

Laal ho maang, laal odhni, laal bindiya, bas thoda laal chahti hun main.....

In India, prostitutes when die, their female counterparts bury them in a traditional RED bridal attire. It is believed that this way they are able to uplift the curse of 'body-selling' in their next birth. This practice is commonly practiced in Kolkata and Orissa.

Red is the prominent color associated with Hindu-Indian marriages.


  1. Out of the box n informative info. thanks for sharing.

  2. ..vry nice..dis smthing difrnt presntd in beautiful way..

  3. very sad...
    A prostitute kills her soul n dies daily... So when she gives away her final breath, her soul atlast starts to live...

  4. This kinda writes shows WL's quality..which was not seen from couple of months :(..

    It was a superb write Ilashree !!


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