July 14, 2009


I want reasons, and I guess I have all the rights to it.
1. Why did Leo opt out?
2. No one posted even a single post to call back Pratibha. Why?
3. Admins decided Leo has been opted out. And then, they put this post up on the blog. Few minutes later, the post is ripped. Why?
4. Loungers are receiving derogatory e-mails dishonouring Pratibha. But we all are silent. Why?

We all know what the shit os happening, yet we just want to be cocooned in our own beautiful worlds of fantasies, where we are all geared up looking forward to TWL completing a whole one year.

If this is how TWL completes its one year, and perhaps the years ahead, by giving no democratic stand to its writers, then I got no words.

HAPPY CELEBRATION , that's all I can say.

P.S : We all know what's going on under the carpet, but we as writers, who synonym with free spirit, act such, I doubt if am existing with real one's !!

"Its all the emotions that count, and not what you actually weave with words in your poetries or proses. You may win a Booker Prize but you may still be dead. "

- Ilashree Goswami


  1. I'll tell you why.. because we are all afraid of some inanimate imaginary thing which doesen't even exist. I was thinking about this for a long time but then why me first,and for that cowardly reason i didnt write anything about it. you are right Ilashree, the strange thing is even after reading this maybe it will again get deleted. trust me if it does, this is a note to the admins, if you delete this post it will infringe on our basic right to freedom. this shit has been going around in WL for a long time, it is about time we stand united and do something about it or at least ACCEPT that its happening. Admin this is my blog as much as it is yours, at least i like to think that way.current scenario tells us something different.many posts refered to this blog as a family. if a member goes out then why are we silent about it. if u consider WL as a family stick with it.Behave like a family. that's all

  2. bullshit!
    @ h and ilashree....don't jump to conclusions before you know the reason.
    one clarification....if you check the posts thoroughly...you might come upon a post where i openly asked Prats to come back..i wrote a post for her!
    Leo on the other hand has opted out for some personal problems....he wil be back...and so wil prats. trust me on that.
    About prats getting e-mails, we all know who is doing it...i know better because i get it everyday, every single day...till today. sometimes the best way to handle it is to remain silent instead of striking out.

    TWL will complete its 1st year... it will be completed in style...the lounge will be back...we have the writers, we have the talent....we need the confidence

    thanx ilashree for posting this....maybe someone will wake up!
    right now..we are lounging...BUT WE WILL BE BACK

  3. @freelancer we dont jump to conclusions. we meet prats almost every other weekend, so i dont need any clarifications


  4. people know already who s d person :@

    man who is he

  5. ya secret plans have been made to crucify him :D

  6. Geeezzz.. Yeah me tooo.. Even last night.. Oh God.. I swear .. They should go to hell!! x-(

  7. This is the best damn post I have read on louge in last 50 days!


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