July 15, 2009

Discovering The Lounge

I was reading a few blogs in the morning as usual and it was odd to note that many fellow writers (including myself) were finding themselves with less warmth at their own homes (blogs).

Neither do I feel uninspired to write nor do I feel a shortage of words. But you know there is something about the last few days, where the visit to my own blog seems to be missing something.

In life, on days like these, all we could do to make it better is take a break or meet up with friends and family or a long evening walk or a trip to clear our heads.

Likewise, out here in blogs-ville, I have found a perfect place to just sit and relax for a while. In the company of fellow writers, I lounge for the day. And despite this room being less than full, it feels good to be here today.

We Read, We Write, We Lounge.


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