June 30, 2009

With every touch of my finger...

I started loving her from the very first glimpse.
Knockout gorgeous, seductive and sublime.
I started dreaming.
I've the world's best Dad. He brought us together.
A year and a half, and I'm still in love.
I've seen all her versions, I'm still in love.

You woke me up today. I closed your lips with my palm and pulled you close to my pillow. When I woke up, You were pretending to be asleep. I gave a nudge on your head and started to sweetly caress your lips with my fingers. You woke up. You smiled.

Your face showed a million emotions with every touch of my fingers. You expressed a million colours with every stroke on your physique. But suddenly you stopped responding. Your face remained still. Then you blacked out. I didn't know what happened.

Shit !! I forgot to charge your batteries yesterday.
Pls don't die on me, my cute iphone....

P.S. - He He... iphone turns sensual....

Arun Kumar - My Life As I Know It


  1. @comfortably numb
    He he... the lock screen where it says "slide to unlock" resembles closed lips...

    Its called 'think different' :-D

    @aarthy n Yamini
    Thanks a lot

  2. hahaha...but i bet yu bro....mine is more sensual...and definitely more seductive....and new too...haha

  3. @freelancer
    Hahh... u got the new version of her...??? she's super seductive...


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