June 11, 2009

Where are they?

when Indian students are stabbed in Australia everyone criticize it and said that its a very bad act.
all the student in australia are malaised and afraid of this act,but they stand and show that they will not get back to India due to this.
now as everyone said something about this ,government also tried to stop this.
i just want to make your attention to the two groups of India who always stand when there is something bad happens in India or if anything happened against the rituals of India.
you can find this groups more on valentine day,they oppose the valentine day and they also hit those young girl and boy who sited in park and doing romance .
now i didn't have to mention their names here but for those who didn't know this are those groups
Shiv Sena and Bajarang Dal.

now when there is a huge problem to Indian students in Australia they didn't spoke a word about that,may be from Shiv Sena Balasaheb Thakre criticize it but didn't do anything else
and i didn't heared the criticism from the Bajaran Dal.

now i just want to put light on the issue that this groups in the side of rituals and religion of India
makes their profit and when real time came to fight for India.they goes into their houses and didn't do anything for that.

from this post i just want to say that this groups are fake.


  1. Way to go!!

    As the tag says, "Fake Group", so the question--where are they--is sort of answered!

    But I loved the article:)

    By the why, why haven't I bumped into you yet?

  2. Good thought Chirag... I dont know where these UMFs are.. but wherever they are - they are just barking dogs - who bite not. And even if they bite, they bite in wrong places!!


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