June 24, 2009

What do i call it ?
attraction, addiction ?
All day long i think of you,
all night i long for you...
each sunrise wipes your dreams,
each sunset brings your memory..
my words hesitate to speak of you,
heart finds the excuses to be away,
but trust me when i confess to you,
i know its not gonna work this way !
what will you call this ?

Love, dedication, infatuation ??

P.S| posted in behalf of Pretty Me!!!
p.p.s| a dedication to 'my world in worlds' which is no more.


  1. I call it infactuation :P

    P.S: What does that behalf means??? :O

  2. @Nuchu behalf means she wrote it......i already loved it when i read it first.....such true expression :)

  3. :) :)

    Am all smiles after reading this... I dunno why though! :) :)

  4. I say call it nothing.. Except indescribable and weird and move on...

  5. Lovely poem...
    I call it love or infatuation...

  6. I call it Love...!!

    the poem is truly beautiful....and loved...!!!

  7. hmmm..wud call it a classic case of “confusion” as tats d best whn u aint able 2 decide 4 urself ;)

  8. oh its definitely love i know !! love for blogging :D


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