June 11, 2009

What next - XI

Continued from Freelancer's post

Ridhi, burst into laughing when Pranjal; said that.

Pranjal got confused and asked, “Why, why are you laughing?”

Ridhi controlled herself and said “Nothing, I am sorry”

Pranjal smiled at her and said “I love you, Ridhi... Please understand my feelings”

Ridhi looked at him and asked, “Really??”

Pranjal nodded his head, looking into her eyes.


  1. waititng what's in store next !!

  2. Hmmm...we are again back there!

    Miss sunshine, where are you...m eagerly waiting for the wicked twist:D

  3. @ Rose: I collapsed it ???

  4. @nuchu
    no sweets u didnt...actually the original story ends on a sweet note...so we were tryin' to b different frm that...so a wicked twist mneeded...try to b wicked now...sunshine continued it!:D

  5. oh ok dearie:) haha i read the next part. Good gng!


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