June 28, 2009

Ode to musings in the local

Dear all,
A "LOCAL" in Mumbai parlance, refers to the train that serves as a mode of transport. For more “gyan”, please check this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mumbai_Suburban_Railway

This work was written nearly a year and half ago and is based on a true incident that is said in the narration. At the same time, the names of the station are accurate as well and will be underlined when I put it as a separate work shortly. And if you are wondering about the picture, I’ve put up, its ME standing out of a local prior to its departure!!..


For once “C” is engrossed in work. Targets haven’t been met by anyone in the team. Ironically, the day of the review is on his birthday as the morning mail would’ve revealed!!.

To: ……………..

Date: Fri, Nov 2, 2007 at 9:24 AM
Subject: Meeting at Vashi 6th Nov

Dear All,

This is the first mail that I am writing to all of you. It’s almost one month of my joining. In last one month I tried different things and try to understand the business as well. Now it is the time to understand each other in a better way.

Some of you could not understand my working and feeling uncomfortable. So to make our self comfortable I am planning a meeting at Vashi office on 6th of this month. You can reach Vashi at 11.00 am and come-up with your suggestion and idea’s to improve the working.

I hope I will get good feedback from your side so that we can take up this organization to next level.

If anybody left, please forward this to him/her also.

(THE PEST!!)-the nickname we had for him!!
Chief Manager,
Times Business Solutions Ltd”.

(C is feeling so irritated and is wondering if it could be postponed or advanced for once…Suddenly someone in the background-)
Hey C, pick your call man..Its from extension 7564.

C-(7564?..Who’s that now?)Hello..

D-Hai Chingin!!..

C-Who’s this now?

D-Stupid..its your DUMBO here..I’ve been pinging you on g-chat and you aren’t responding!!..Why??

C-Is it?..(Sees his g-chat window)..Oh yeah!!..I was busy reading our boss’s mail.

D-hmmm..or where you chatting with that Punewaali that you were ignoring me?..

C-See, I haven’t done my last month’s targets fully and we have a review coming up on the 6th that too at your VASHI.

D-Wow!!..we can celebrate your birthday then!!..

C-How do you know its my birthday?..and what do you mean by WE???

D-Saw it on ORKUT!!.and I know a nice vegetarian hotel near CENTRE ONE. I’ll make reservations then for both of us.

C-Hold on Dumbo..Dont make me see dreams and disappoint me like how you have been doing till now.

D-Iam hurt Chingin..Iam not talking to you (and cuts the call)

(C turns behind..Sees Dumbo sulking, but doesn’t bother)

(6th morning, around 9.10 AM. “C” is at Kurla station when his mobile rings)


D- HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR Chingin..lots of good luck and wishes!!..where are you dear?.i am waiting to see you today..

C-Kurla station..told you that I have a review at Vashi that day, guess you didn’t believe me!

D-Oh no!!..i thought we would meet at Andheri station..And I don’t know when I’ll come to Vashi till night..But do call me as I’ll confirm where I am and we can meet either at DADAR or WADALA. Have a nice day dear one!

C-Lets see..you always have some excuse to give at the last minute!

D- Chingin, its your birthday and I wont disappoint you for sure..Bye for now..(and cuts the call)

(Review starts at around 10.45..Goes on till around 5.30 and neither the team or boss remembers its “C”’s birthday!!..Anyways, its almost 6 PM and time for everyone to disperse..)

C-(to himself)..What a birthday!!Who wanted to listen to that PEST’s BOL-BACCHAN??..Guess the guys will be waiting and we can finish that “khamba” tonight atleast!!..Why not I try that Dumbo and ask if she is free tonight?

D-Hey Chingin, you are through so fast?

C-Yes!. And I have a direct Andheri in another 20 minutes I guess. So, are we meeting madam?

D-Sorry dear..I am at Malad now and wont be free till 7.30 I guess. But we can meet at Andheri by 8 if you want..

C-Iam not keen. I knew that you would cook up some excuse of not meeting up..

D-Shut up Chingin.Travel back in that local and you will know how strenuous it is to travel from Vashi to Andheri DAILY!

C- I don’t care. As it was YOUR plan that we celebrate my birthday..

D-Don’t hurt me further..I wont talk to you again and don’t get back to me incase you want “something” from me.. Good bye!

C- I wont..And you stop troubling me again..Understand? (And cuts the call as he sees the local approaching..)


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