June 3, 2009

In Front of The Computer

After a long time, I'm back.  sorry guys I couldn't write for the past week or so as I was busy and also since my grandma passed away last week. 

Any way here is a small poem.......

Now I sit in front of the computer,
without a clue on what to write.
As I look around for inspiration,
I remember you.
That's all I need for my inspiration,
and I quickly start to write,
about you in front of the computer.

BTW, Can anyone tell me what's new in WL - It looks like everything is new.


  1. ohh...that was an indded a diferent post...!!!

    nothing new dear...except the template.!!!

  2. he he...cute post...

    abt WL... the template s been changed and a picture based themed write has been intro'ed by sandeep... :)

  3. May your Grandma's soul rest in peace !! This was a nice post .. welcome back kiddo !

  4. @ all,

    thanks guys.....for all your comments....


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