June 18, 2009

I Thought He Loved Me...

My feet were hanging off the edge of a cliff. There was deep water below, way below. I paused, and thought. Should I do this? Should I not? I thought about everyone who loved me, and that was one person. Then I thought about everyone who didn't love me. That was everyone.


A few hours past, and my feet were still in the same position. I thought about Rajiv, my brother. He loved me. He really and truly loved me. It was devastate him to hear that I had died. As I turned around, ready to walk back home, I was met by Rajiv. "Rajiv. I can explain-

I began. Then he gave me a nudge. I remember thinking, what was happening? Then I fell down, down, down, in to the deep water. In an instant, I was gone. Gone forever.


So now, from up above, I warn everyone. Do not trust someone entirely, even if you think you know they love you.


  1. Loved it... eerie feeling! :)

    You are good at it Rosh! :)

  2. :O
    trust is one thing that breaks so easily...bt this ws actually very unexpected..i mea...i hvnt got words to explain..hmmm...may b nice would do...

  3. wow...nice one rosh!!! i loved the twist... !! way to go!

  4. @Aarthi- thanks so much! :) :D
    @Rose-thanks! yeah... trust breaks easily... through the littlest thing :)
    @Mona- when I was typing this I
    didn't plan the twist! it was unexpected to me too :) Thank you :)

  5. Tat was completely unpredictable !!!

  6. wow eerie rosh ... u did it great

  7. well written rosh...
    Seriously didn't expect the twist...

  8. @Thoorika- Thanks for reading :D
    @h- Thank you very much! :D
    @Arun- Thanks a lot... :D

  9. Superbly penned down rosh.....
    Indeed a well said thought.....
    Never trust anyone.... grt.....

  10. @Dr.Kumar- Thanks for reading :) Trust is very fragile so treat it with care! :D


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